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Garden Office Costs

Compare the market and find out the costs for the most popular garden offices

We take a look at the growing popularity of the Garden Office Pod and work from home buildings, comparing the costs and the different companies that supply them.

What Are Garden Offices?

Garden offices are typically small outdoor buildings that are constructed out of both wood and metal. They get their unique name “garden office” (also referred to as “Garden Rooms’), based on where they’re usually placed – which is in a homeowner’s backyard or garden space.

Garden offices can be custom designed and constructed from the ground up, and also fully tailored to one’s ideal specifications (bespoke garden buildings). Many garden office construction companies also offer pre-designed options which makes the entire process not only a lot easier, but also much more affordable as well.

We have concentrated on garden offices companies that provide insulated, electrical sockets and lighting, and of course – beautiful windows and doors. What makes these tiny outdoor office spaces so great for work is the amount of flexibility and the variety of options that are available when it comes to the shape, size, design, and the internal and external features one can add on.

If you decide to invest in your own garden office, the sky really is the limit as to how much you can invest. You can choose to go with a very simple, pre-made garden office layout in order to keep costs lower – or you can go ‘all in’ on the most premium materials and a fully customized bespoke design.

It doesn’t matter if people use these small outdoor spaces for their current full-time job, a part-time ‘side hustle’, use it for their own personal projects (think various arts or crafts), or even use these tiny spaces as a quiet place for other non-work-related activities.

The truth is, while these very beautiful and very small outdoor office buildings are not only becoming the future of the typical home office or workspace, they’re not just another fad or trend – they’re here to stay.

With that being said, you may be wondering…

  • Why do garden offices work so well as an independent work area?

  • Why do they vary so much in price?

3 Huge Reasons Why a Garden Office Pod Makes The Most Ideal Home Office Space

* REASON #1: Keeping Your Home & Work Life Separated

If you conduct any type of work from your own home office, then you already know that distractions are bound to pop up. Depending on your current living situation, these distractions can include random interruptions from your family, your lovable pets, or even that pesky neighbour next door. Other distractions that may arise can include the temptation to skip office work and watch TV instead, the added temptation to grab a savoury snack from your kitchen, or even get yourself side-tracked into doing other random projects or mindless tasks.

One of the biggest advantages and central benefits of having your own garden office is the chance to create the much-needed separation between your work and home life. When you’re able to create this kind of separation, it can help you minimize the number of various distractions that can pull you away from your work. This can not only help increase your own concentrate levels, but it can also lead to a remarkable boost in overall productivity as well.

And the best part of all, once your work is complete, you can lock up your garden office as if it were a distant work office – and leave everything behind for the next workday. When you have your home office within your own home, it’s super easy to get pulled back into work when you really should be focusing on your own free time or family time. Having your own garden office space easily eliminates this common temptation.

* REASON #2: The Much-Welcomed Sound of Silence

Another big reason why an outdoor garden office can make for an ideal office space is the isolation that it offers. With isolation and separation from your own home comes the much-welcomed sound of silence. Why is this so liberating? Because silence allows you the opportunity to deeply concentrate, to think much more clearly, and also allows you to work without random noise distractions that can quickly rob you of your brain power, attention and energy.

When you can hole yourself away in your own garden office, and away from family or other distractions (like TV, phones, pets, etc.) – you’ll create a warm and welcoming (yet very productive) environment and workspace that’ll be highly conducive to getting your work done in peace. Once you experience this kind of liberation and peace, you’ll quickly realize just how beneficial it can be to getting your work done, and with much less mental or physical energy.

* REASON #3: The Bonuses of Extra Space & Privacy

And last but not least, a garden office simply gives you more space that you can fully dedicate to your own work or business. As you probably already know, most home offices can quickly become a magnet for non-work-related objects, etc. This can lead to excessive clutter and even more distractions that can make work much more difficult.

Along with this extra space also comes extra privacy as well. This kind of privacy can include not only the ability to work on sensitive work tasks, but it also allows for private in-person, 1-on-1 work meetings or consultations, or even work-related phone or ZOOM calls.

Now instead of taking calls or meetings in your home office, where the threat of random (and very stressful) distractions or interruptions can occur, you’ll be able rest a lot easier knowing that things will go much smoother and more efficiently for you thanks to your own dedicated garden office.

As you can easily see, when you invest in your own garden office, it’ll offer you a number of key advantages and benefits compared to a typical in-home office. Plus, that feeling of having your own outdoor workspace that’s steeped in the beauty of nature (aka not your typical sterile office), can do wonders for your own happiness, productivity and even your sanity.

How much does a Garden Office Pod cost

* OPTION #1: DIY garden office build

The cheapest way to build an office in the garden is to convert a garden shed. This is an excellent option if you are able to install double glazed doors and windows, as the shed buildings don't include a high enough level of security or thermal protection. Garden sheds will also require insulation and additional internal lining, all of which can be purchased from DIY stores, however this has the advantage of finishing the room using the materials of your choice. This can be a preferred option especially if the standard finish that some manufacturers provide doesn't allow you to really put your own stamp on your new home office. Examples of this solution can be found at Dunster House, Wickes, and Garden Buildings Direct, and are estimated at £8000 for a 3m x 2.4m self assembly kit - which would take approximately 4/5 days to assemble on site. Electrics for this building would be estimated at £500 to £1000 (including qualified electrician to connect to power source), meaning that the DIY Garden Office Pod should be attainable for a budget of around £10,000 with the groundwork.

OPTION #2: Pre-fabricated Build

This is the most cost effective solution as the construction is pre-built in the factory so that installation time on site is kept to a minimum. In most cases you would need to organise the groundwork, or create a concrete / paving slab base. Doors and windows will be graded to the level of a new build house, and it is likely that the insulation is of a better standard to the DIY self build equivalent. The biggest advantage with this option is the assembly on site by the company who manufactures the building. First fix electrics are also likely to be included, which are a hidden extra on the DIY version, and if you cost your time at £200 per day per person - the saving on the DIY basis would be 5 days at £400 & £500 of electrics (=£2500 saving). This fact alone will point the majority towards the Pre-fabricated option from a reputable company, especially if they can project manage the groundwork and apply a lick of paint afterwards.

Companies to look out for in this bracket would be The Garden Office Pod from Warwick Buildings, The Evolve Range from Smart, and the Winchester range from Garden-Retreat.

The budget for this project is somewhere between £13,000 and £16,000 based on the style and optional extras that you would look to have on the design. A budget of £15,000 can comfortably achieve the groundwork, the building, the electric connections and decoration, based on the same 3m wide x 2.4m deep, DIY equivalent selection. The professional construction will also add most value to your property on a pound for pound basis.

OPTION #3: Turnkey solution

This option doesn't need much explanation, as it does what it says on the tin - however you would expect to start at a budget of £18,000 to £25,000.

The positives may well outweigh the negatives on this option, especially as the manufacturer is responsible for the groundwork, the installation and the final connections. Because they manage the project for you, any snags can be dealt with as you go along, especially as this option will mean that the building is completely done on site.

On site alterations are also achievable if you make a mistake with the size or position of critical components, however this can add a considerable amount to the final balance if the project hasn't been finely tuned beforehand.

The negative side of this option is the cost of inefficiency. Manufacturing on site often takes three times as long as it's in-house equivalent, requires more clearance from boundaries (to fit external cladding) and more room on site for construction purposes. Groundwork is still required - in most cases a pile foundation system is used as opposed to a solid concrete base. This is a cheaper solution and much easier to organise, due to the logistics of skip hire, soil removal and construction materials. Please be aware that a ground screw or a pile foundation doesn't usually have a damp proof membrane so this needs to be factored in, along with a system to stop vermin from nesting under the building. A company that provides a concrete base within the price will usually keep the base at ground level, ensuring that the building is under the permitted 2.5m planning permission height regulation.

Weather is also a factor to consider, as a week long project in the garden may cause an issue with mud and dirt inside your new office. In most cases, a pop up gazebo will protect the tools, and the fitting team from adverse conditions.

If this option is the best solution for you and the inflated cost outweighs the project management drawbacks, then £25,000 will certainly provide you with an all in package and still add value to your property.


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