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The Full Story

Green Retreats

Back in the late 1990's Green Retreats started out as Reeves Dog Kennels, on a small industrial site in Buckinghamshire. In addition to the dog kennels, the company also sold garden offices, and had a small outdoor show site for customers to view their products. As the garden office market grew, the dog kennels were dropped, and the company relocated at Westcott business park. It was probably the first company to have an indoor showroom, which showcased about 8 of their designs, which included some from their sister company 'The Garden Office'. The single slope designs suddenly became popular as the 'flat roof' fears ebbed away when the 2.5m high planning rule came into operation, assisting the dramatic expansion since moving to Westcott.

Increased orders have resulted in the original showroom becoming part of the manufacturing site, with a larger show centre over the road, and an additional display site in Twickenham. As of 2022, they employ around 225 staff, and show the largest turnover and profit of any UK garden office company.



Green Retreats base their model on offering the customer the complete package. This includes the groundwork, installation and final connections, so that you don't have to organise any aspect of the project. This has proved to be a popular package for customers as they have grown exponentially, as working from home has become the normality. 


Green Retreats are market leaders in the way they present their products. Their showroom is second to none, and their marketing strategies are at the head of the competition - with the inclusion of their new ambassador Kevin McCleod, heading their website tour.  

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