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Dunster House

Dunster House are probably the UK's leading supplier of Garden Sheds, and Log Cabins. It was opened in 1994 by Christopher and Pamela Murphy and over the last three decades, have expanded from selling domestic windows and doors to being one of the leading Garden Buildings companies on the market today. They  are in control of every aspect, from development to delivery, and have 9 distribution centres in the UK, and 14 factories worldwide. All buildings are delivered to your door by their own fleet of drivers. 



The largest turnover of sheds and garden buildings ensure that they cater for purpose and have a product for every project. The target market for the Garden Office sector is around the customer that is willing to save a bit of money by installing the structure themselves. In reality terms, Dunster House are the IKEA of the garden office world.   


A simple philosophy has allowed them to become the biggest player in the industry as their buying power has increased their product/price ratio.

Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, they are the designers / manufacturers / and suppliers so you’re buying direct and not paying extra for a middleman 

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