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Crane Garden Buildings

With show buildings on high end garden centres, Crane garden buildings are also in partnership with John Lewis selling via agents throughout the UK. Traditionally a garden shed manufacturer, the company also manufactures garden rooms and offices which can be internally lined and insulated as an optional extra. All buildings include external painting, providing customers with choice of colour which is done in the factory prior to installation.




At Crane Garden Buildings, we aspire to help you, our customers; whatever the purpose of your garden building, we make the selection process easy and enjoyable for you.

All of our buildings are hand-crafted in our Norfolk based factory, and we aim to provide exceptional quality in all of our builds using the highest quality tools and materials across every stage of the building process.

With a wealth of 40 years' experience behind us, and a host of experienced craftsmen at our disposal, we can help you with your garden building ideas; tailoring our standard buildings to make it perfect for you.


Crane Garden Buildings are one of the largest garden building manufacturers in the UK, and probably have the most display centres in the country. By having a local agent it allows you to see the product in person before you buy, giving you the opportunity to talk through the options that will allow you to fully personalise your building. 

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